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What is CrossFit?  Click here to see how we personally define CrossFit.

How To Get Started   It’s easy!

We recommend that all new clients take an ON-RAMP course.  This small group course will run every 2 weeks and starts with 6 x 1 hour sessions where we will go over the 9 foundational CrossFit movements as well as other essential elements of the CrossFit Program.  The ON-RAMP course will ensure you gain an understanding of the CrossFit methodology, proper movement technique, and will teach you how to safely scale movements to meet your level of ability.
*New Starter Package*
2 week ON-RAMP Course*+ 1 unlimited month of training following the 2 week course, $199 (+tax)
For more information on the ON-RAMP course, please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  You MUST make a reservation for the ON-RAMP course.
*If the ON-RAMP schedule does not work with yours, we do offer it as a private Foundations course.  See Hours & Rates for information.

10 General Physical Skills of CrossFit

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